CREW Mentoring Groups

Would you like a full day with a faculty member diving deep into one topic? If so, please join a CREW (Connection, Refinement, Equipping & Wisdom).

On February 17, 2022, an optional pre-conference day, these small groups will meet in-person all day with a faculty member for intensive, interactive instruction in a specific topic. To facilitate discussion, each group will have no more than eight attendees. Registration for CREWs closes on January 15, 2022. On the CREW day, you may either bring your own lunch or eat off-campus. Many restaurants are within an easy walking distance. Note: CREWs are not available under digital access and will not be recorded.

Launch a Successful Email Newsletter

Laura Christianson

Most of the people who need to hear your life-transforming message don’t yet know that you exist. Email is your secret weapon for finding your ideal readers and generously serving them. If you’re feeling nervous about building an email list, Laura Christianson will guide you in your journey from “invisible” to “visible.” Approachable. Trustworthy. You’ll learn how to:

• Create a free offer that will attract a steady stream of the RIGHT subscribers.
• Design a newsletter that gets opened, read, and remembered.

Memoir Alchemy: How to write your true story like a bestselling novelist

Susy Flory

Do you have a true story to share? This CREW will show you how to write your own unique life story and craft it into an unforgettable experience for your reader. The best memoirs these days read like a great novel. How do you do this? I can show you how. We will cover:

– What novelists do to make for a great read
– How memoirs can be written and shaped like a novel
– The types of memoir and which one fits your story best
– How to create the shape and structure using a fun and enlightening visual story map (hands-on)
– Developing characters, scenes, dialogue and settings
– Finding your writing voice and rhythm
– Powerful beginnings and endings
– How to handle privacy issues and concerns
– Which publishing path fits your story?

Publishing Options

Keri Wyatt Kent

You’ve written a book (or at least a first draft)! Should you try to secure a traditional publisher, or self-publish? What about other options? How much time and money will you need to invest? What’s the right publishing path for you? What paths should you carefully avoid?

Short Writing Rocks!

Jan Kern

Working on a book? Writing articles or blog posts will support that beautifully! New to writing? Short writing is a great place to begin. We’ll work closely with one of your short works and make it shine so it’s publishable. Then let’s talk about markets and get your short works out there!

The Career-Building Game Plan Every Author Needs to Create

Kathi Lipp

Learn to create a plan to grow

*your writing
*your platform
*and your business

over the next five years. Join Kathi as she leads you through your personalized plan of growing every aspect of your author journey, along with practical strategies of how to make the most of your writing.

Excellence in Writing

Tim Riter

Excellence in Writing examines four basic steps to improve your writing. Teachings on clarity, power, imagery, and audience orientation will combine with practical exercises that will enable beginning to intermediate authors to develop their craft of writing for greater impact on editors and readers.

Mapping Your Novel

Ginny L. Yttrup

Regardless of the genre, all novels include elements that draw readers into the story and keep them reading. We’ll map each of those elements, and then navigate through several essential elements: hook, tension, characters, plot, and more. Come with an idea and emerge encouraged, equipped, and with a map that will lead you to The End.

The Career Author CREW — a day of equipping & camaraderie for advanced writers

Cheri Gregory

Pull up a seat at this round table of peers for a focused time of inspiration, education, discussion, and connection. We’ll gather together for spiritual recharging, refreshment, and camaraderie intermixed with guest experts who will share the latest in publishing trends, best practices for audience growth, effective strategies for earning more money, practical methods for improving your craft, and more. 

Interested in participating in the Career Author CREW? Complete the application by clicking the button below:

Career Author Crew Schedule


Opening and Closing Devotion by Jon Drury (pastor, writers conference founder)

 Our 4 Guest Speakers:

  • Anna LeBaron — social media
  • Melanie Dobson — craft/excellence
  • Kelley Way — legal wisdom for writers
  • Lauraine Snelling — career wisdom


8-9 am                       Doors open, registration
9 am-12 pm             CREWs meet, with 15-minute break

12-1:30 pm              Lunch break. Bag lunch or eat off campus

1:30-4:30 pm          CREWs meet, with 15-minute break

2022 Conference

February 17-19, 2022

“The people who walk in darkness will see a great light. For those who live in a land of deep darkness, a light will shine.”

Isaiah 9: 2 NLT