2022 Goldie Awards & Writing Contest

Meet Our 2022 Goldie Award Winners!


Bad Writing, The Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Writing Contest

First Place: The Dark and Stormy Night, by Tessa Burns
Second Place: You Ain’t that Sick, by Beth Mazerik
The World’s Worst Poem, by Elizabeth House (finalist)


First Place: Countin’ on Thunder, by Sheila Dunaway Alford
Second Place: Boy in the Wild, by Krysta Peterson
The Oregon Trailblazers, by Kathy Schuknecht (finalist)
Zasha and the Ogre, by Elliot Slaughter (finalist)
I Don’t Like Patience, by Dawn Caldwell De Wulf (finalist)


First Place: Winter Bride, by Christine Hill
Second Place: Out of Russia, by Nicolet Loewen
Third Place: Blood from Turnips, by Kim Stiver
The Antique Piano, by Janet L. Christensen (finalist)
Adage Lake, by David Harder (finalist)


First Place: Treasures of Darkness, by Mary Anne Quinn
Second Place: Change-Table Day, by Debbie Jones Warren
Saturday’s in Heaven, by Audrey Davidheiser (finalist)
Out of Porcelain Rooms, by Joan Hertzler (finalist)


First Place: God’s Covering, by Tom Gillard
Second Place: The Father of Faith, by Electra Goodwin
Third Place: Eyes to see the Difference, by Leslie McLeod
Twenty Years of Winter, by Denise Ralston (finalist)
Fly Through Fear, by Valerie Murray (finalist)



First Place: The Stone, by Katelyn Jane Dixon
Second Place: A Snowflake Symphony, by Marie T. Palecek
Third Place: Distractions, by Kristi Peifer 
Joy in the Journey, by Sara Chinakwe (finalist)


Best Firs Line, The “Call Me Ismael” Contest

First Place: Countin’ on Thunder, by Sheila Dunaway Alford “Smack! As soon as the bird hit the window, Sam thought, Good Lord, somebody’s gonna die.”
Second Place: Mayhem at the Mistletoe Morgue, by Priscilla Krahn. “Most of the dead bodies in the basement belonged.”
Third Place: Saturday’s in Heaven, by Audrey Davidheiser. “That July I waved goodbye to my dad and 22 years later, he left me.”

Special Recognition Goldie Awards

God’s Word is Alive Award (for an author who has published an excellent Bible study, devotional, or book that brings the Bible to life in a unique way): Awarded to:
Shadia Hrichi

Unsung Hero Award (given to an individual who selflessly serves the Christian writing community): Awarded to:
Nancy Seck Bramlett

Mentor of the Year (an industry professional, such as an editor, agent, or career author, who is a gifted and dedicated mentor to up and coming writers. Past recipients are Wendy Lawton, Lauraine Snelling): Awarded to: 
Kathi Lipp

Promising New Writer (for standout writing, with nominations from coaching and critique submissions): Awarded to:
Kathy Schuknecht

Author of the Year (an outstanding author in the WCCW community, distinguished by excellence and innovation. This author must be published within the last two years.): Awarded to: 
Dana Mentink


Golden Goldie Award, Best in Contest

Christine Hill for Winter Bride. Congratulations, Christine!


The Goldie Awards are presented at the Saturday afternoon session during the West Coast Christian Writers (WCCW) Online Conference, February 17-19, 2021.

The Goldie Awards include two main categories: the Goldie Awards are special recognition awards, and the Writing Contest recognizes excellence in writing and is open to all conference registrants.

Goldie Awards

These awards are chosen by a committee headed up by Jeanette Hanscome.

  1. Author of the Year: An outstanding author in the WCCW community, distinguished by excellence and innovation; this author must be published within the last 2 years.
  2. God’s Word is Alive Award: An author who has published an excellent Bible study, devotional, or book that brings the Bible to life in a unique way.
  3. Unsung Hero: Given to an individual who selflessly serves the Christian writing community.
  4. Mentor of theYear: Given to an industry professional, such as editor, agent, or career author, who is a gifted and dedicated mentor to up and coming writers (2020: Wendy Lawton. 2019: Lauraine Snelling).
  5. Promising New Writer: This is a “wild card” award for standout writing, with faculty recommendations drawn from the Coaching & Critique appointments during the conference.


Writing Contest

These awards are given upon recommendation by a distinguished panel of 6 faculty judges, directed by Contest Administrator David Hyde, who consider the entries from our free writing contest. Finalists will be announced the week before the conference. (Please see guidelines for how to enter.)

2022 WCCW Writing Contest

WCCW is thrilled to announce The Goldie Awards & Writing Contest for 2022. This annual contest is for original, unpublished submissions by attendees of the upcoming West Coast Christian Writers Conference, Feb 17-19, 2022. Here’s your chance to let your literary light shine!

Whether writing fiction, nonfiction, poetry or children’s lit, we all need that extra boost of validation from time to time. Here is your chance to have your work read and evaluated by a panel of judges, made up of professionals in writing and publishing. Entries can be pages from a completed (but unpublished) work, a work in progress, or something uniquely new just for WCCW. Just choose your category and send us your best!


Please choose one of the categories for your entry (one entry per person, except for the bad writing contest—anyone can enter!). Remember this is unpublished work. (NOTE: Please avoid explicit descriptions or language. Thank you!)

  1. Nonfiction (except memoir)
  2. Fiction
  3. Memoir
  4. Poetry
  5. Children’s & YA (Young Adult)
  6. BAD WRITING: The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Writing Contest (250 words)

(Yes, we want you to write a very short, bad story on purpose, but in a clever way. You can include story inconsistencies, tired clichés, appalling dialogue, plot issues, and the like. All registrants can enter this contest—even if you entered one of the above categories.) 


  1. Poetry or Bad Writing (up to 250 words)
  2. All other categories (up to 1250 words or 5 pages double-spaced)


  • Please include your name, title, and word count at the top of your submission.
  • Submit as a Word doc (or something equivalent). No PDFs.
  • Times New Roman, double-spaced, 12 pt font, with 1 inch margins
  • Clearly mark which category you are entering: Nonfiction, Fiction, Memoir, Poetry, Children’s/YA or Bad Writing.




All winners will receive a special, original contest certificate, along with recognition on the WCCW website, social media, and a WCCW press release.


Winners in each category will receive:

  • 1st place — Goldie Awards trophy & other goodies
  • 2nd place – Personalized Goldie Awards Certificate

SPECIAL “Golden Goldie” AWARDS

  • The Call Me Ishmael award: Best opening line
  • Best in Conference: Best writing of all of the category winners:  Certificate & FREE registration to West Coast Christian Writers Conference 2023, plus a free pitch session/consultation with a faculty member.
  • Send entries to: contest@westcoastchristianwriters.com
  • Deadline to enter: January 31st, 2022
  • Put “WCCW Writing Contest” in the subject line of your e-mail
  • Each submission will be evaluated by a panel of judges
  • To enter, you must be registered for the WCCW Conference.
  • Questions? Email: contest@westcoastchristianwriters.com

Finalists announced on the WCCW website on February 14th

Final results will be posted on the Conference website and in the newsletter immediately after the conference.

Let your voice be heard. We can’t wait to read your work!



“The people who walk in darkness will see a great light. For those who live in a land of deep darkness, a light will shine.”

Isaiah 9: 2 NLT