Becoming an Editor – One-Hour Video Recording


Becoming an Editor:

Sarah Barnum

Becoming an Editor: Earn an Income with Your Writing Skills

Do you get gleeful over grammar? Can you pinpoint punctuation errors? Do you enjoy critiquing concepts?Sometimes our contribution to the kingdom doesn’t just come from writing our own ideas but from helping others write theirs. As a writer, you already have many of the skills it takes to be an editor. With more and more authors self-publishing, the need for good editors is growing. Learn how freelance editor Sarah Barnum launched her editing business and how you, too, can put your way with words to work.

Sarah Barnum is a freelance editorand serves on the West Coast Christian Writers leadership team. When she’s not writing her own narrative nonfiction or working with words, Sarah enjoys small-town life in Northern California with her husband, son, and Appaloosa horse. Learn more about TrailBlaze Writing & Editing at


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